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BEAUTY WITH WOLVES Diamond Painting Kit

BEAUTY WITH WOLVES Diamond Painting Kit

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Wolves represent the raw outdoors and adventure in nature. A beast version of dogs, they are popular as a theme in fairy tales, thriller movies, art, and in merchandise of all kinds.

Explore these dramatic wolf diamond paintings kits to grace your gallery wall, or to gift it to somebody who loves their raw strength and mysticism.

Craft lovers all over the world love this new innovative hobby “DIAMOND PAINTING “ - a fusion of traditional Cross Stitch and Paint By Numbers.

YOU DON'T NEED ANY ARTISTIC OR SEWING SKILLS!! create this handmade diamond art, just oodles of interest and excitement to create something beautiful! 


What is inside the  DIY DIAMOND PAINTING KIT? 

✔  High-Quality Canvas with the design printed with color/symbol codes finished with a coating of high strength adhesive.

✔ Resin Rhinestone " Diamonds "  in 25 - 40 sparkling colors in small packets in the required quantity to fill the design (larger size canvas will have more colors).

Tools for the hobby :

✔  Pen applicator with a soft grip to pick and place diamonds on the canvas.

✔  Tweezer to help align diamonds.

✔ Tray with grooves to pour and sort diamonds and pick them as single or multiple diamonds.

Wax Glue is filled in the pen nib to make it easy to pick up the diamonds from the tray.

Check out the detailed HOW-TO-INSTRUCTIONS to get started with this Awesome New Hobby.

If you need help to choose a design or any queries, email us at

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